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World Cup 2014 - Newsletter 3

Dear hockey friends,

Time is moving fast: only 15 weeks to go to the start of our great hockey event. In order to make it a success we still depend on your help and support in keeping to the deadlines of the various requests.

Since our previous newsletter, several questions have been raised about our request for individual passport photographs of all participants and also about team clothing. Below you will find clarification on both subjects, but first.........

The deadline for paying the Tournament fee has now passed!

The last four countries with payment on the way are Egypt, Japan, New Zealand and Southern Cross.

All other countries have paid the tournament fee for their participating teams. We would like to thank everybody for their cooperation and for taking care of meeting the deadline.

Team registration and passport photographs

  1. Team registration forms listing all names of players and their birthdates still need to be sent before 30th March 2014, this is absolutely necessary for complete team lists to be included in the tournament program.
  2. As mentioned in Newsletter 2, it is a prerequisite for obtaining the government license to organise an event with over 1000 participants, that everybody is issued with a personal accreditation with name and photograph. In the meantime we have been able to get the City Council to accept that this should only apply to the "real" participants, i.e. players, coaches, managers, medical staff, umpires and other officials.
  3. Therefore, we urgently ask that team managers collect individual digital passport photographs of all their team members between now and the end of March and send these to us together with the team registration forms. We do not need or want you to send us all the individual photographs, but propose that you adopt the excellent format that South Africa has proposed (see attachment).
  4. We will have a device at the venue to take care of last minute changes, but we are sure you will understand that it is totally impractical to have to produce 1200 accreditations on day one.
  5. Partners (and children) of participants, travelling with the teams, will not receive an accreditation with photograph, but some other form of registration upon arrival in The Hague.
  6. As usual at our WGMA tournaments, at the time of arrival and registration for the tournament, there will still be a need for team managers to show clear copies of passports (on paper or digitally) of all players. These copies will not be held by the tournament organization and we advise to destroy them after the one off check.

Team clothing

Most of you are aware that in mid-January a number of emails have circulated expressing concern about the requirements with regard to team clothing. We wish to repeat here that after consultation with the TD for our World Cup in The Hague, the following will apply:

  1. It will not be necessary to have names of players on the back of shirts.
  2. It will not be necessary to have numbers on the shorts.
  3. Numbers on shirts need not necessarily be limited to 1-32. Higher numbers are also acceptable.
  4. A player must wear the same number on his first choice shirt as well as on his alternative colour shirt for the duration of the tournament and this number must always correspond with that given on the team registration form and on the match forms.
  5. It goes without saying that each number is only permitted to appear once in any particular team.>
  6. We will not be measuring the size of the numbers or that of any uniform advertising, nor will we require approval of the latter prior to the tournament.
  7. Please note that the official regulations for wearing shin guards and other protective equipment will be enforced in full. This includes the use of caps with floppy visors only.

Hockey Competition

We are putting the finishing touches to the match schedule, after which it will have to be checked by different people responsible like TD and WGMA board members. We expect to be able to put it on the tournament website and sent it to you separately before the end of February.

Matches will be planned between 09.00 hrs and 18.00 hrs (with an earlier finish on 6, 10 and 11 June because of events on those days).

Challenge cup 75+

I can inform you with great pleasure that in the context of the celebration of its 25th anniversary, the N.H.C. De Zestigplussers, will donate the challenge cup for the new Vintage Grand Masters division.

Women's 60+

We are glad to say that the three Women's Over 60 teams have accepted our invitation to join us at the Beach Party. We are also hoping that, although they are playing at Rotterdam with the other Women's Masters groups, one game can be arranged at The Hague so that we can welcome these first Women Grand Masters into the WGMA family.


Our WGMA Senior Umpire Coordinator has been in touch with delegates of the participating countries or, in some cases, with umpires directly. If he needs further help or assistance he will ask you directly.

Hockey Club Klein Zwitserland (HCKZ)

During our tournament the facilities of Hockey Club Klein Zwitserland will occasionally be used for training by some of the national teams participating in the Rabobank Hockey World Cup. It will be a pleasure for us welcoming these teams during our tournament


As you may have noticed the FIH has designed a special logo for our Grand Masters event of which we are very proud (see below). We will off course use the logo wherever it is applicable.

Official Tournament programme

For your attention: for organisational reasons the date of the WGMA Congress has been changed to Tuesday the 10th of June.

Tuesday 3rd June Training sessions (at no extra cost)

Wednesday 4th June Training sessions (at no extra cost)/Briefings for coaches, managers and umpires/Official opening ceremony and welcome reception in the afternoon starting ± 15.00 hrs

Thursday 5th June Start of matches

Friday 6th June Invitation to the Rabobank World Cup by the KNHB, with reception in the Hockey Village at the Kyocera stadium in the late afternoon

Tuesday 10th June 17.00 hrs WGMA members congress at "Hotel Wassenaar", Katwijkseweg 33, 2242 PC Wassenaar

Wednesday 11th June Tournament party: a Dutch BBQ event on the beach of Scheveningen

Friday 13th June Final matches, prize ceremony and the farewell party

Medical Facilities

In accordance with the instructions of the WGMA a medical centre with all required equipment will be facilitated. A team of the Red Cross and a doctor will be available every day.

The nearest hospital (five minutes by car) has also been advised about our event.

We suggest that persons with a special medical history carry this info on them or advise their team managers.

Summary Actions Check List for Teams Deadline

1) Return "Services Request Form"
To include information for:

  1. best guesstimate of numbers for our Tournament Beach Party
    For those countries that have not already done so, it is very important to give your best guesstimate immediately. This is required in order to make preliminary arrangements with "The Blue Lagoon" where our party will be held.
  2. transportation requirements
  3. parking requirements
  4. physio requirements

23rd February

2) Payment of Beach Party 15th March

3) Team registration forms (names and birthdates) + digital collage of individual Passport Photos using proposed format 30th March

4) Training times needed for 3rd and 4th June a.s.a.p.

Looking forward to see you in The Hague and welcome you in top condition and - spirit.

On behalf of the Host Nation Organising Committee

With kind regards,

Wim van Noortwijk


N.B. For all general enquiries please use the following email address:


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