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World Cup 2014 - Newsletter 2

Dear hockey friends,

General information

First of all I would like to thank everybody for all their good wishes for the New Year 2014 and especially for your belief that we will have a well organised and pleasant hockey tournament in The Hague.

The hosting committee has already had three meetings this new year, preparing the different functions.

I can guarantee you that we will live up to your expectations, for a real festive hockey tournament in June.

We can officially inform you that we have 59 teams registered:

  • 34 National teams in 4 age groups 60+, 65+, 70+ and 75+
  • 22 Tournament Trophy teams in 3 age groups 60+, 65+ and 70+
  • 3 National lady teams in 1 age group 60+, playing in Rotterdam

As mentioned before, our WGMA tournament in The Hague will be the largest one ever with more than 1200 players, coaches, managers, judges and umpires.

Hockey Club Klein Zwitserland (HCKZ)

The organisers at Hockey Club Klein Zwitserland are letting us know that they are delighted to host the 7th Grand Masters Hockey World Cup at their grounds and are looking forward to welcoming our hockey friends from all over the world. A team of volunteers from Klein Zwitserland is working hard together with the HNOC, to ensure that all facilities needed by the players, umpires, officials and visitors, like catering, changing rooms, medical assistance, parking, are in good shape and all completed before the start of the tournament. If you have any questions regarding the facilities, please let us know and we will come back to you.

Official Tournament programme

Tuesday 3th June Training sessions (at no extra cost)

Wednesday 4th June Training sessions (at no extra cost)
Briefings for coaches, managers and umpires
Official opening ceremony and welcome reception in the afternoon starting ± 15:00 hrs

Thursday 5th June Start of matches

Friday 6th June Invitation to the Rabobank World Cup by the KNHB, with reception in the Hockey Village at the Kyocera stadium in the late afternoon.

Wednesday 11th June Tournament party: a Dutch BBQ event on the beach of Scheveningen

Thursday 12th June 17:00 hrs WGMA members congress at "Hotel Wassenaar", Katwijkseweg 33, 2242 PC Wassenaar

Friday 13th June Final matches, prize ceremony and a farewell party.

Matches will be planned between 09:00 hrs and 19:00 hrs (with an earlier finish on 6, 11 and 12 June because of events on those days).

Tournament fee

In case you have not done so already, you now have less than two weeks left to arrange the bank transfer of €700,00 (seven hundred euros) per team. The relevant data for your international transfer are:

Country Netherlands

Currency Euro

Name of beneficiary NHC De Zestigplussers

Account number IBAN: NL97ABNA0520491017

Name of beneficiary bank ABN AMRO Bank

Address of beneficiary bank Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
1082 Amsterdam

Please state very clearly which country and which team(s) the payment is for.

Payment must be received before: Friday 1st February 2014.

The Dutch BBQ event (Beach Party)

A comprehensive BBQ/salad-buffet will be served on the beach of Scheveningen at the famous "Blue Lagoon" with a great dance and entertainment programme. This will be a very relaxed and informal evening in the spirit of traditional Dutch hospitality, without formal dress at long tables and without too many endless speeches. There will be a continuous service of food and drinks between 18.00 hrs and 22.00 hrs.

The price of this Beach Party (including the buffet and drinks during 4 hours) is €50,00. Free drinks will include house wines, local beers and soft drinks.

This extremely generous rate has been negotiated with the management of the "Blue Lagoon" on the basis that we turn up with at least 600 guests and a maximum of 1000. Therefore, we need confirmation of your best guesstimate of total participants per team for this event (including partners) by 15th February 2014.

Payment for the number of participants you have indicated will need to be received by 15th March 2014.

Be sure not to miss this Dutch tournament party.

Please specify your numbers on the attached "Services Request Form" and return this together with your logistics wishes.

Team registration and passport photographs

Please ensure that your team registration forms listing all names of players and their birthdates are returned before 30th March 2014. This is absolutely necessary for complete team lists to be included in the tournament programme.

In addition we urgently ask all team managers to start collecting individual digital passport photographs of all team members.

These we intend to use for issuing multi-purpose cards to all participants for match registration and verification, meals, admission to events etc. More importantly, however, these are a prerequisite in the official security plan needed to obtain the government license to organise events with >1000 participants.

Every participant, whether they are official, player, umpire, manager, coach or partner will receive a personal barcode number.

Logistics (hotels, transportation, parking and physiotherapy)

Once more we kindly ask your full support on the items under this topic. Only when we receive your detailed requests on the special "Services Request Form" (attached) on time, the HNOC will be able to provide the best services required.

a. Hotels

From the requests that have been processed so far, as well as the non-reactions, we conclude that all teams should now have booked/confirmed their hotel rooms or alternative accommodation. Remaining hotel options have had to be released by December 31st as per deadline communicated.

For special (late) requests you still may contact

Please note that camping is not possible on the grounds of HCKZ, nor is it permitted in the residential area surrounding the club. There are, however, several fully equipped camping sites in the greater The Hague area.

b. Transportation

All non-European teams will probably need (bus)transfers between airport and hotel, both upon arrival and for departure, as well as daily bus-shuttles between the hotel and the hockey grounds. We do now know the number of teams, but we need you to inform us of the total number of people per team (players, staff, partners!).

Many of the European teams will probably be traveling by private cars (see "Parking" below!), but others will travel by plane to either Amsterdam or Rotterdam and may therefore need the same services as mentioned for non-European teams.

Please complete the "Services Request Form" to indicate how many persons per country/ team do like to make use of these services. After receiving this request we will forward a quotation.

c. Parking

The parking space available at HC Klein Zwitserland is extremely limited and will be reserved for some mini shuttle buses and medical and other emergency services only. There is, however, parking space on public roads in the direct vicinity of the club. In any case we advise as much carpooling as possible between hotels and HCKZ. It would help to know in advance which teams are bringing cars and how many. Please indicate these numbers on the aforementioned "Services Request Form". For those who want to be independent, it may be helpful to know that HCKZ can also easily be reached by good public transport.

d. Physiotherapy

Please let us know if you will be bringing your own team physio including equipment or if you want to make use of our services (for your own account) provided at the club. Suitable rooms will be available for both options. Prices will range from €. 27,50 for sport massage, to €. 37,50 for full physio treatment.

Teams travelling by air who require physio tables for use in their hotels, please inform us a.s.a.p. so we can try to obtain a sharp quote for rental of these tables for you.

Your needs can also be specified on the "Services Request Form".

Hockey Competition

We will not be able to send the draft match schedule before the end of February, because we want to try and synchronise our schedule as much as possible with that of the the main World Cup event in the Kyocera stadium, in order to enable our players to visit matches of their national teams.

We have now appointed as our official Tournament Director, Mr A.J. van Kempen, whose appointment has been ratified by WGMA, KNHB and "NHC De Zestigplussers". FIH will be informed accordingly.

Mr A.J van Kempen is a man with longstanding experience as official at FIH and EHF tournaments.


Our WGMA Senior Umpire Coordinator, Jaap Quarles van Ufford, has already been in touch with some of you individually, but shortly, he will be sending out a general request for nomination of the necessary number of qualified umpires. Due to the fact that the tournament is bigger than ever before and we will be playing on five pitches at the same time, the number of umpires required is also bigger than at previous events. The HNOC supports the view of the Senior Umpire Coordinator that the bigger number required should not mean that we relax the quality standards, so I urge you to pay special attention to the criteria for nomination. If you have any doubt about being able to nominate the target number of one able umpire per team registered, please get in touch with Jaap a.s.a.p. via email at:

General Rules of the Competition

  1. 18 members per team are allowed to participate in each match, provided two of them are fully equipped goalkeepers; a team with only one goalkeeper is allowed a maximum of 16 players.
  2. A player can only be registered in one team for the duration of the tournament.
  3. Teams in the over 60's National Team competition are expected to play a maximum of 7 matches during the 9 day competition, while for the other teams a 6-match schedule will be planned.
  4. Two under-age players per team are allowed only in exceptional circumstances.
    Requests for such concessions should be sent the WGMA- secretary for formal approval.
  5. We expect that at least 176 matches will be played in total.
  6. Matches on pitch 1 and 2 will start at 09:00 hrs, 10:45 hrs, 12:30 hrs, 14:15 hrs, 16:00 hrs and some days 17:45 hrs
    Matches on pitch 3, 4 and 5 will start at 09:15 hrs, 11:00 hrs, 12:45 hrs, 14:30 hrs, 16:15 hrs and some days 18:00 hrs.

Tournament Website

The official website of the tournament is . The website is now operational and can be consulted for more detailed information on various subjects. Among other things, there is a complete overview of all the teams registered in the different categories and age groups.

WGMA Congress

In the next few weeks our Honorary Secretary will prepare the Agenda for our Congress and all other relevant paperwork, so please let him know well in advance if there are any specific proposals that you wish to put to the meeting.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 12th June17:00 hrs, at "Hotel Wassenaar", Katwijkseweg 33, in Wassenaar. We are planning a special bus to take delegates from HCKZ to this hotel in ca. 20 minutes.

A meeting room for 50 people has been reserved and a "Delegates dinner" (at €20,00 p.p.) will be served following the meeting.

Summary Actions Check List for Teams Deadline

1) Payment of Tournament Fee 1st February (important!)

2) Return "Services Request Form"

To include information for:

  1. best guesstimate of numbers for Beach Party
  2. transportation requirements
  3. parking requirements
  4. physio requirements

15th February

3) Payment of Beach Party 15th March

4) Team registration forms (names and birthdates)+individual Passport Photos with the name on the back 30th March

5) Training times needed for 3rd and 4th June a.s.a.p.

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2014 and looking forward to welcome you in top condition and spirit.

On behalf of the Host Nation Organising Committee.

With kind regards,

Wim van Noortwijk


N.B. For all general enquiries please use the following email address:

The HNOC will not accept any claims or liability for any person or organisation taking part in the tournament.


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