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World Cup 2012 - Expressions of Thanks and Appreciation

From Organisations (WGMA & EHB)

Dear Friends,
Although I am possibly repeating myself following my words of praise to the congregation on various occasions during the tournament, I, on behalf of WGMA, would once again like to thank you and all your committee members and willing helpers for putting on such a great show in Oxford. It really set the standard for all future tournaments, and will obviously be a difficult act to follow. As an active hockey player as well as being a WGMA Board member, it was great being able on a daily basis over nearly two weeks to chat with so many hockey friends and acquaintances from throughout the world, as well as enjoying numerous first class hockey matches. Indeed a great advertisement for Masters Hockey.

A word of praise for a well-run tournament also came from Martyn Gallivan, Secretary of the FIH Competitions Committee, who visited the tournament for the best part of two days.

Additionally, I would like to thank you for the brilliant idea to have a double decker bus service running regularly between the Oxford and Holiday Inn and the club. It was superb, and it was always fun chatting regularly with the friendly drivers and conductors, whom we got to know well.

Summing up, a fantastic tournament, marvellous setting, superb organisation, great LX support, super ground staff - and umpires!

Enjoy your well-earned rest, and I look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Kind regards,
Peter Child
WGMA President


I would like to express my gratitude for all the time and effort that each of you put into the World Grand Masters tournament. The Tournament was, overall, a tremendous success and I have received emails and telephone calls from many people expressing their 'delight and happiness' with the way that the tournament functioned flawlessly. The opportunities for 'Après Hockey' that the City of Oxford provided was I am sure greatly appreciated and justified locating the tournament of Oxford Hawks.

Even though we were all not involved in the actual operation of running the Tournament all the work that each of you put in 'before' we started, was key to the success of the WGMA. The input from the Oxford Hawks club was critical to this magnificent success and all the prior work and preparation paid massive dividends. Hopefully there will be a legacy from the improved 'infra structure' for future events.

So, please be aware that all your endeavours have been noticed, and appreciated, especially by the Board members of England Hockey that attended. Please pass on my congratulations to everyone.

I gratefully acknowledge all your efforts. Well Done! And Thank You.

Best regards
L. E. Alcock
Chair – England Hockey Masters Development Committee.

From WGMA Members

Just a note to thank you and you colleagues for such an excellent tournament last week - Oxford was an inspired location. I am a UK based member of Alliance and hopefully our secretary Dann Holsboer has also written to thank you.

Richard Macklin

Just to join the multitude and say what a fantastic and incredibly well organised tournament you hosted and all the people at Oxford Hawks who made a massive contribution in showing what was best about the UK and not just in terms of Hockey.

Absolute credit to you guys and all of the LXers you enlisted to make it run on such smooth wheels.

Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect and felt that the people on the ground, as per the Olympics, were real Ambassadors for the sport in this country.
Credit to your club and its support structure!!

Have always been conscious of how well the Dutch do hockey tournaments and wondered why it is that we have not been able to do the same-Guess that this demonstrates just what is possible but on an even greater scale!!

Very best wishes and thanks to you all for doing such a fantastic job!

Kavanagh (Wales)

Dear Friends of the HNOC of the WGMA World Cup 2012 Oxford
Dear Friends of the WGMA

Many many tks to all of You for the beautiful tournament we had, we take many scores and we made few but we really enjoyed to play with Friends who share with us the same disease, the terrible "hockey addiction" many of us risk their life everyday due of this addiction, is a sweet drug who change us totally in few second, from when we are sitting in the club with Friends drinking a good glass of beer to when, few minutes later, we are in the pitch with one stick in the hand ready to do everything to make one score or to stop the opposing player who come with the ball against You. The tournament was great, the organization fantastic. We wait to meet You all another time very soon, at the bar and in the pitch.

Ciao a Tutti and see You soon
Italian Team Over 60
Giampaolo Puglia

I now offer our congratulations to your excellent organisation of the WGMA World Cup in Oxford last month. Despite our results we all had a super time at a first class venue where everyone without exception (and, yes, I include the umpiring fraternity!) were most friendly and helpful. Everything ran like clockwork. However, one question remains uppermost in our does one follow that? Well done.

Peter Monaghan
Scottish Veterans LX

Unfortunately I was not in a position to come to Oxford. Everyone I have spoken since has been euphorious about the organization of the World Cup tournament.

Would you be so kind as to pass on my thanks and congratulations to all who made this possible.

Best regards,
Bernard Verbunt (Netherlands)

Congratulations on organising an absolutely top-class Tournament with everything that goes with such a large event like that these days. The venue was excellent, both the Oxford Hawks' ground and the city of Oxford itself. Your guests from both near and far cannot fail to have been impressed.

The concept of moving from a "Gala Dinner" to a World Cup Reception was spot-on and I hope that future organisers follow your example. The tours of Magdalene College were also excellent. Everything about the tournament seemed to be well-documented and well-controlled (and I know how difficult it can be to achieve this!) Your Committee and all your "assistants" (and I should include the helpers from the Hawks' members) did a superb job with only one fault - how can future organisers match your efforts? It was a privilege to be able to participate in the Tournament and I was pleased that the North Stars enhanced the TT70 league with their presence and that they competed well with the other teams in that league. Finally, I noticed that the report on TV by BBC Oxford concluded by saying that the event might not return to these shores for perhaps a generation -"bloody good thing" I imagine you said!

Well Done,

Doug Morrice and all the North Stars.

On behalf of our SAGMHA committee and the entire S.A. contingent of 4 teams, we would like to express our appreciation to you and your entire organising committee for an extremely well organised, well run and unforgettable hockey tournament.

We have brought back with us many happy memories of good hockey, pleasant activities and a host of enjoyable social contacts whom we sincerely hope to see again in 2014. Oxford itself is a beautiful city with excellent transport facilities and plenty of historical interest, and combined with ample restaurants and pubs, made for an unforgettable two weeks away from home.

Your committee certainly went out of their way to accommodate our every requirement and we are all very aware of the great deal of time spent and energy exerted in the preparation of this tournament, and congratulate the Hawks Club and the many volunteer LXers who gave of their time to ensure that the tournament went off without a hitch (that we know of!)

Well done to you all and from the South African contingent, "Siyabonga Gakulu" (thank you very much).

Sincere regards,
Colin Carelse.
Chairman – SAGMHA.

From LXers

Numerous letters have been received, too many to include. So here are just a few reflecting the many :

From Ben Rea, President of the LX Club

What a superb and sophisticated tournament you organised. I hope you felt all the time and effort spent on long term planning was worthwhile. Certainly I found no one with anything but praise for the whole tournament and its individual components. No one can't do better than the maximum, which you comfortably achieved.

From John Longden, Club Captain

Many congratulations on the success of the WGMA tournament and it is kind of you to express your thanks to all LXers that contributed. The success I think is to the hours of hard work that you two have given to the event and to the way that you have mustered the help and support of those of us that offered to assist. I hope all LXers feel the way that I do.

From Ian Russell, Founder Member and Past Chairman

Very very many congratulations on a fantastic Tournament. As the first Chairman and Founder member of the LX Club, I have had the very great pleasure listening to the majority of the entrants to the Tournament who gave unstinting praise and comments that the tournament was by far the best in which they have had the pleasure of competing. My co-founders and I did not dream that we would be so successful in recruiting from the whole of England and being able to organise and run the World Masters Tournament with 41 teams from around the world. This success has been down to all of you and all Ladies and Volunteers who worked their socks off for the whole tournament. The club has enhanced its reputation with England Hockey and Phillip Kimberley made a point of saying that he was amazed at the scale and standard of hockey played last week. The organisation and immense help from the Oxford Hawks Hockey club cannot be underestimated. Their contribution made the tournament so successful and all members volunteering were so helpful and very pleasant, quite like the Olympics! I will not praise individuals as it was obviously a team effort but you the committee should feel very proud and pleased at all the congratulations we have received.

From Trevor and Brenda Dennison

Well we were proud of what London did for the Olympics, and even prouder of what LX did for the hockey vets. Can't think of a thing that did not go right to plan. So much time and effort had gone into your planning. A real commitment on your part and that of your Committee and Officials. Well done. You have enriched all of our lives with what you arranged for us. Please pass on again our thanks to all those involved.

From Geoff and Sandie Lucas

A brief note to thank you and congratulate you on a magnificent World Cup. By common consent, it was a total triumph. Everyone we spoke with waxed lyrical about every aspect of the event. We are aware that it took a huge team effort and the support of your wives but it was YOU who pulled it together so magnificently. You should be very proud of what you achieved. The organisers for 2014 have a very hard act to follow!

From David Ewing

On behalf of LX Reds Over 60's I would like to thank you all and members of the Organising Committee and Oxford Hawks representatives, for all of your hard work and commitment in creating an outstanding and very successful event. It seems that everyone thought that it was the best World Cup they had participated in... A wonderful event that will linger in everyone's minds for years.


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