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Women’s 60+ Hockey

WGMA establishes steering group

WGMA, when it was officially recognised by FIH in 2006, committed itself not only to the organisation of men’s 60+ hockey in the world, but also to international women’s 60+ hockey.

For the first time ever, three international 60+ women’s teams, England, the Netherlands and Australia took part in the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup in Rotterdam in June 2014.

Following this success, and after discussions with representatives of the three countries plus New Zealand, it was agreed in September 2014 to form a Women’s 60+ Steering Group to establish contacts with other hockey nations to widen the message of women’s 60+ hockey, and to find new member nations willing to participate in WGMA tournaments.

The initial members of this Steering Group are:

It was always the intention of the WGMA Board to elect a female member to the WGMA Board, once the women’s 60+ organisation had established itself, and in December 2014, at the recommendation of the WGMA Board and in agreement with the Women’s Steering Group, Nanda Siebers was elected to the WGMA Board as a Vice President, to serve in office until the next WGMA Congress in Newcastle, Australia in May 2016.

This is an exciting new development for WGMA, and it is hoped that as many hockey nations as possible will give full support to the further expansion of women’s 60+ hockey.

Hockey countries with too few women players in this age group to be able to form a team should note the existence of Alliance International Hockey Club, which enters teams in the Tournament Trophy competitions at all official WGMA tournaments. Their members are players of different nationalities, whose countries are unable to raise a full team, and Alliance are keen to organise Women’s 60+ teams in the future. Any women’s 60+ players interested in playing for Alliance should contact Daan Holsboer.

See also below the Steering Group letter sent in October 2014 to many hockey nations requesting them to enter women’s 60+ teams where possible in, among other tournaments, the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup to be held in Newcastle, Australia, in May 2016.

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