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New WGMA Website launched

Dear Hockey Friends,

Welcome to the new World Grand Masters Association (WGMA) website!

Many of our senior members have actively participated in the worldwide promotion of hockey for many years. Communication in the old days went by word of mouth, letters, telegrams, telex and for the more fortunate ones by telephone, later by fax and more recently by email.

That is why I am very happy and proud that we are now fully equipped with the latest in communication technology, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media and of course our completely new WGMA website to help promote our lovely sport of hockey as well as our own organisation.

I hope you will enjoy exploring the content and find it informative, entertaining and full of happy memories. Make sure that you bookmark this page in your browser and please visit it regularly. 

Of course this website will only develop and attract the attention of our members and a wider following if we can generate a constant stream of interesting information and newsworthy items from around the world of Grand Masters hockey. 

Therefore, please do not hesitate to send your news stories, results of any national or international Grand Masters events and, of course, pictures of all the action both on and off the pitch to

We will try to accommodate everything that we receive and use it to actively promote a 'Lifetime of Hockey' through the Masters and Grand Masters community.


Wim van Noortwijk
President WGMA


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Wim van Noortwijk

Wim van Noortwijk