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Super Vétérans France

French 60+ Association Formed

We are pleased to announce the creation in France of the

Super Veterans Association for Field Hockey

(dated February 14, under the number W595020064).

This association was born from the desire to:

  • unite the players in the category Super Veterans*
  • to support a network of relationships around hockey
  • to assist in the organization of national and international events

In this spirit, we invite all those who wish to extend the fun to come and join us, all those who have had and still have fun in playing our sport.

Our project is to participate in various tournaments** and get a French team together for the WGMA tournaments, including Ronchin in March 2013, as well as the European Championships in Antwerp 2013, the World Cup in The Hague 2014 (see

Please note that according to geographical rotation, the World Championships in 2016 will be held in Asia, South Africa or Latin America.

To join us, an annual membership fee of 15€ is requested. Please send your payment to the treasurer of the association (checks made payable to the Association).

Do not hesitate to inform us about any regional initiatives that would allow us to organize matches in Paris or Lyon in order to develop this fledgling group of Super Veterans and to strengthen it with younger veterans.

Jacques LEVY René COUCKE
Honorary President President
Secretary Treasurer International Relations

* Category Super Veterans: 60 +, with the possibility of 2 players of 58 and 59 per team.

** All players must be registered at the French National Association (FFH) (please contact your club or the Association)

René Coucke
Jacques Belle
Thierry Dujardin
Gilles Destailleurs


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