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Jean-Pierre Winnen


We are saddened to hear of the sudden death of Jean-Pierre Winnen, who passed away on 12th February 2015. Jean-Pierre, a true Belgian, was a member of Alliance International Hockey Club since the founding in 2002 and was former President of the club, taking over from Johan Herbert in 2008, and continuing until the new executive committee was formed in 2009.

Jean-Pierre was a firm presence in many of the tournaments in which Alliance participated. In all he played in 28 tournaments in the 12 years of his membership. He was, however, also to be seen playing in many other friendly tournaments around the World, and was always a special player and friend on and off the pitch.

Jean-Pierre was one of the foundation stones on which Grand Masters hockey was built and was a valued and much loved member of the WGMA family. His broad smile and warm friendly greeting was a special part of every tournament. Everything he did both on and off the pitch was full of personal commitment. Through Alliance International HC, he was one of the great pioneers of Over 60s hockey, bringing friends from all around the world to WGMA events. Over the years we have all benefited from his enthusiasm and his friendship. We have much to thank him for and will always remember him.

He will be sorely missed, and our thoughts and feelings go out to his wife, Marleen, who accompanied him at most of the tournaments in which he took part.

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