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2nd Grand Masters Hockey Asian Cup

Hong Kong Football Club, 30th October - 3rd November 2013

The second GM Asian Cup was organised within the overall Masters Hockey Asian Cup tournament at the superb Hong Kong Football Club.

The winner was Japan, who played superb hockey throughout. Below you will see the match results and the placing of the participating teams.

For further information and photos of the overall Masters Hockey Asian Cup tournament, see the tournament website,

Venue Hong Kong Football Club
Time 29th October – 3rd November 2013

Match Results

29.10 Hong Kong 3-0 Alliance
30.10 Malaysia 6-0 Korea
  Japan 5-0 Hong Kong
31.10 Japan 3-0 Malaysia
  Korea 3-2 Alliance
01.11 Japan 5-0 Alliance
02.11 Malaysia 7-0 Alliance
  Korea 1-0 Hong Kong
03.11 Japan 5-1 Korea
  Hong Kong 3-3 Malaysia

Team Standings

Place Team Points Wins Draws Losses
1 Japan 9 3 0 0
2 Malaysia 4 1 1 1
3 Korea 3 1 0 2
4 Hong Kong 1 0 1 2


The tournament was played under mostly sunny and moderate climatic conditions. All matches and social events as well as the official dinner and welcome party were performed in a friendly spirit and people could enjoy every opportunity.

Our thanks go to Sarinder Dillon, David Fargus, Roger Nissim and all other staff of HKFC.

Two years after the 1st GM Asian Cup in Singapore, each team has made efforts to revitalise by bringing in younger players. Perhaps the most successful in this sense is Japan.

As a whole, this tournament has improved much in its level of hockey. This is important for Asian countries, also to the whole Grand Masters family. Alliance joined this tournament although its match results were not taken into consideration in the final team standing. They included four Brunei players and one Singaporean. We hope that their experience in this tournament will help them to organise their own national teams in the near future.     

A meeting of Asian teams took place during the tournament. The members agree to hold the 3rd GM Asian Cup in Autumn 2015 in Malaysia. Members also agreed to encourage other Asian countries, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, participate in the next Asian Cup.

The members promised to make every effort to send a team(s) to the GM Hockey World Cup next June in The Hague.

Kenji Hamanaka
November 2013


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